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The Defender hot water heater from Bradford White is our top pick for a tank-type hot water heater.

The cost of purchasing and installing the unit is important, but over the long haul, the reliability and safety of the unit mean more to the home owner. We have had fewer problems, call-backs and service calls with this unit than any of the other tank-type water heaters we have installed in the past. That alone is the best recommendation we can give you for why you should be using this unit.

Let’s look at a few of the technical reasons that the unit is among the best available anywhere.

The Defender hot water heater from Bradford White is economical to operate.

It gets great reviews as an energy star appliance that will save you money and energy over the long haul. The unique combustion chamber also prevents the build up of debris and other materials that can cause damage to the unit and reduce it’s efficiency (there-by reducing your energy costs).

The Defender hot water heater from Bradford White is safe to have in your home.

A specially designed combustion chamber mixing system ensures that the combustion air mixes completely with the natural gas and results in a more complete burn of the air-gas mixture (very low NOx emissions). In addition, there is a special sensor that looks for flammable vapors in the air around the heater. When those vapors are detected, the system automatically shuts down. This helps prevent any accidental fires or explosions.

Quality materials

The Defender hot water heater from Bradford White is made of the highest quality industrial materials, including 304L stainless steel and commercial grade copper.


Depending on the model, Bradford White covers your new water heater parts and labor for 1 to 10 years, or as long as it is installed in the original location. Check with us to find out more about the different models and warranty packages available.

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