Clear A Clogged Garbage Disposal

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The combination of an aging garbage disposal and greasy food is a recipe for a clogged kitchen sink.

A clogged garbage disposal will quickly put a damper on your Holiday cooking efforts.

These devices last no more than 10 years and should be replaced. We recommend to homeowners that they use plastic garbage bags for their food craps, particularly with a major cooking effort, so they don’t wear out their garbage disposals as fast.

If your garbage disposal does jam up you can likely fix the problem without calling a plumber. There should be a sticker on the unit, along with an Allen wrench. The instructions on the sticker should walk you through the process of unclogging the unit.

As part of this, get a flashlight and aim it down the hole and see if what might be causing the jam. Use gloves should you try and remove any objects.

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